Tesla Cofounder’s Battery Recycling Startup Wins Investment From Amazon Climate Fund

Redwood Materials is among the first companies to win investment from Amazon’s $2 billion venture fund created to back companies with technology contributing to carbon reduction efforts.

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23 hours ago

Right To Repair Or An Automotive Safety Threat?

Massachusetts Question 1 proposes to augment a 2013 Right to Repair Law to enable better access to telematics systems along an accelerated timeline. Could this be an invitation to nation-state actors and global terrorist organizations, a new privacy threat or marketing exploitation?
Sep 17, 2020

We Can Make 2019 The Year Oil Demand Peaked

COVID-19 temporarily collapsed oil demand, aggressively promoting electric vehicles through regulations in the US, Europe and China can ensure that oil demand never recovers, allowing the world to fight climate change and have clean air.