Is Covid-19 Making College Towns Unsafe To Retire In?

But these, of course, are not normal times. The pandemic is turning many college campuses into coronavirus hotspots, which may worry you if you’re thinking about retiring to one.

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Sep 21, 2020

You Have An Estate Plan. Will It Work?

When do you need your estate plan to “go to work” for you? While you may think the right answer is “after I die,” the actual answer is “if I lose the ability to manage my own affairs.”
Sep 19, 2020

How Will The Coronavirus Impact Your Finances?

The recent Northwestern Mutual 2020 Planning & Progress Study reveals that 84% of U. S. adults, aged 18+, expect the COVID-19 pandemic and subsequent economic downturn will have an impact on their ability to achieve long-term financial security.
Sep 18, 2020

Reaching For Yield In A Zero-Rate Environment

When investors are seeking to maximize current income within a portfolio to live on, it is natural to seek out fixed income securities with higher yields. This is a mistake we see often. Here, we will break down the categories of higher yield securities and the various risks involved.
Sep 18, 2020

How To Spend Less In Retirement: Fewer Lattes Or The Big Cut?

A huge concern for people as they approach retirement and when they’re in retirement is: How can I ensure I don’t outlive my money? One way to try to avoid that unsettling prospect is to figure out ways to spend less in retirement so the money you do have lasts longer.